Welcome to Sentient Witch

cropped-logo-only200x200.pngFree from dogma and conditioning, please join us on a journey within to seek the truth, your own energy, your own power.

Learn to heal yourself and others, mange your energy flow and remove blockages. Free yourself from the trance of the illusionary reality that others have placed you in for their own gains and benefits.

Learn the reality of nature, who we are, where we came from and what are we doing here. Seek and experience these things for yourself and not through the eyes of others.

Knowledge – Metaphysics – Alchemy – New Scientific Paradigm – De-Conditioning

Sentient Witchcraft

We only wish to show you a journey that only you can choose to take, this journey may lead you to find & reclaim your birth right, that churches, religion and the financial system have taken from you. Your right to use your power to create, free of conditioning, dogma, bigotry and slavery.